I never did do one of those 2015 wrap up posts did I?

I never did do one of those 2015 wrap up posts did I?

Well here it is!  Better late than never I guess but 2015 was really a good year and here’s why:

  • My short film Corazón made its way to 3 film festivals, as of now has over 14,000 views on Youtube and received distribution on the Roku box.  Definitely a HUGH accomplishment.  If I do nothing else in life, I accomplished this goal and realized a dream with this film.  That can never be taken away.
  • I expanded my photography business and made the decision to work my tail off to take it to the next level in 2016 and become a full time creative services business.  I added new services, acquired new equipment and updated my website with new branding and a logo.
  • I started work on my first feature/film longer than a short but not long enough to be a feature.  I do know what will come of it, but I started.
  • I traveled to Arizona for the first time and loved it so much that I decided that I will retire there one day.  Yup.
  • I almost broke my finger and found out that I had tendonitis in my foot.  Both are now healed and doing well.
  • Because of my foot ailment, I discovered the benefit of daily stretching and yoga practices.
  • I learn to celebrate the victories, all of them.  No matter how small they might seem, it’s a win for the home team.

str8 outta bk

  • Speaking of team, I built one.  Well,  I’m still in the process of building it but for the first time ever, I realized that in order to expand I need experienced people to help me.
  • I read more and cut back on my tv watching.  That in turn lead to me getting more work done.
  • I finally decided to finish my degree and enrolled in school.  I’m on track to finishing my bachelors degree.  Yay!
  • I made the decision that I think I’ve always know but was afraid to state out loud.  I’m not happy at my current place of employment and instead of complaining about it, I’m changing it and my situation.  I want to and will do what I love for the rest of my life and that includes telling stories via photography and other visual aids.  I’ve been giving my true passion maybe a good 40% of effort and that’s what I’ve been getting back.  I’m now dedicated to giving it 100% and that will allow me to do what I love full time for myself without a job that I dislike.  I don’t want a job, I want to create something that I will be happy doing for as long as I can while helping others do the same.  That’s what I’m dedicated to doing for this year and beyond.

2015 was a year of growth and change and 2016 will be even brighter!  Here’s hoping the same for every pair of eyes reading this.

Posted on: January 10, 2016Shavon

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