An ACTION plan

Another week, another handful of black men dying at the hands of reckless police officers.  If you’ve been living under a rock, google it. #blacklivesmatter and it’s time for a real plan of action.  There are a few suggestions being thrown around and here’s one that I most definitely support, stop letting the dollar circulate. Artist Roshmond Sum Patterson and I had a dope exchange on twitter (@shavonmeyers twitter handle) about possible solutions to the mass murders occurring at the hands of police across the city. While my initial response is to STOP LETTING THE DOLLAR CIRCULATE and hit these cities in their pockets where it hurts (boycott), he came up with an even more appropriate first step that includes boycotting in a traditional sense but for a new era. Peep his solution and let’s stop talking about doing something and ban together and DO something.

Although during times like this things can get really dark, it’s important to remember that there has to be a balance and that balance comes from light and love.  Spread love and light.  Take care of yourselves, your family and your communities.

The beginnings of a new weapon to fight injustice via Sum


Posted on: July 10, 2016Shavon

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