With over 8 years of experience in audio production and radio broadcast combined with 6 years of experience in video production and photography, Shavon Meyers combines her natural talent with classically trained skills to produce creative and engaging content across multiple disciplines.  Shavon is a graduate of The Connecticut School of Broadcast, has studied film and photography at The School of Visual Arts in New York City and is currently finishing her BA in Digital Photography at Southern New Hampshire University.

Shavon has been a featured guest on Sirius XM Satellite Radio, WBAI 99.5 (NYC) and various online podcasts.  Her photography has been exhibited alongside collaborators in two New York City exhibits. Shavon has written, directed and produced 3 short films, which have all been selected to screen at multiple film festivals including The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival and The NewFilmmakers New York Film Festival.

Shavon says her career highlight was photographing the NAACP Centennial Convention for the organization, which featured an address by President Barack Obama.  Shavon was granted full access to photograph all of the invited speakers and talent of the two day event and says being able to be in the presence of the then newly elected President and be allowed to photograph him was a historic and career changing moment. “There were world renowned news media outlets and press who were not allowed in the same auditorium as the President for his address. They were restricted to the press room but I was given access by a representative of the NAACP to not only be in the auditorium during his address but to photograph him for the NAACP and my growing website at the time.  It really proved to me that you don’t have to be a big name with a huge following to be a success.  You have to show up, be yourself and be willing to take that leap of faith for what you truly believe in.”


Now the fun stuff, 10 random facts about me!

1.  I love the sun + water which probably means that I should be on a island somewhere far far away.


2.  I adore animals…but I love bacon!!!  This doesn’t make me a bad person, it makes me human.

3.  This was harder than it looks:

4.  Me and filmmaking have a thing going on.  We’re past the flirting stage.  You can say we’re going steady.

look up shoot pic 2

5.  I’M FROM BROOKLYN, NEW YORK.  Yes it needed all caps.

6.  I do believe the words you speak become the house you live in so I speak/think positivity, love and all that fuzzy stuff…but I am still a work in progress…don’t push me 🙂

7.  I looooove muuuuusiiiiic (I typed that in The O’Jays tone).

8.  NAPS!  I take em.

9.  I love capturing the city.  As a lifestyle photographer I aim to capture the story of urban dwellings, its inhabitants and the pulse that keeps everything moving.


10.  I really just want to travel and take pictures of all of the people and places that I encounter and share them with the world so if anybody’s hiring, I’m available (not joking)!


I’m sort of a Trekkie (that’s my serious Captain face).

Star trek

I’m on a journey to master my craft and further develop my artistic voice through images, moving and still.  I invite you to explore my world, get lost in my creations, still images, films and other mediums that allow me to express myself creatively including poetry and audio pieces.


Thank you for visiting and don’t be a stranger!

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