Jhene Aiko & Big Sean release Twenty88 album

I’m a big fan of Jhene Aiko, Big Sean…not so much.  However, I’m intrigued by this project.  It’s currently available to stream to whoever actually has a Tidal subscription and available for purchase via Itunes.  I’ve only heard the snippets so I’ll wait to hear the full album before I critique the project.  Have you heard the full album and if so what are your thoughts on the collaboration?

My best show, ever.

When I hosted The B Side Show a few years ago I put my all into it.  It was a podcast that sounded like it could be on anyone’s radio station.  Professionalism was on 1000!  I wanted everything from the production to the content to represent quality and excellence.  As I look back during my made up holiday, AUDIO WEEK,  I think the most powerful and important show that I did was the one in which I interviewed Rachel Lloyd of GEMS.  It was a great interview on the very important topic of the sexual exploitation of young girls right here in NYC.  Take a trip down memory lane and listen to my interview segment below.  While you’re here, don’t forget to take advantage of the special AUDIO WEEK discount happening this week only!

SALE: Audio Week! Discounts on all audio production services!

This week only!

Backstory:  I did some voice over work this week and it led me to listening and updating the soundcloud page where I keep some of my audio samples.  I listened to some of my past work and old podcast episodes and decided to give a little more attention to my audio services this week.  I get caught up in everything else that I offer creatively (mainly photography) but I do have a strong passion for voice over work and audio productions.  When I worked in radio, I loved creating show opens, bumpers, intros and other production pieces to give my shows an identity.  As my skills and confidence grew, I dabbled in voice over work and eventually ended up doing my own show for 7 years in which I created all of the production for and provided voice over services for clients professionally.  To celebrate my new made up holiday, AUDIO WEEK, I’m offering 20% off of all of my audio services!

What exactly do I offer in terms of audio services?

This is a very good question.  First, I offer my voice over services.  That’s right, my actual voice.  People who don’t typically require these services never really think about voice over uses, but you experience them all day, everyday.  The telephone prompt that never seems to get you the person that you need, the audio book or inspirational messages that you listen to on your way to work or the radio ads and public service announcements that you hear are all examples of voice over work that I can provide.  Maybe you have a documentary that needs narration or need a female voice for an album skit, I can do that and so much more!  If you can think it, I can probably figure out a way to do it and deliver a quality audio piece to you.

Secondly, I offer audio editing services.  Let’s say you’ve already found someone with a specific sound for your audio project but you have no intention on editing the hours of raw audio to produce a final and coherent piece, that’s where I come in.  With the most up to date editing equipment and years of editing experience, I can turn your audio flubs, mistakes and retakes into a flawless sounding production.

Third, audio voice recording.  I record you.  Your voice.   Maybe you’re the voice over artist, radio or podcast host, film narrator or spoken word artist in need of an affordable, professional recording solution.  I’m here to help!  I can also record interviews with multiple parties and provide a fully edited piece for your program as well as documentation recordings for legal matters, interviews, oral history projects and more.

I can also create a sound for your brand, show, website etc.  Please note, I am not a music composer.  I do not create music for films, albums or musicians.  I use sound effects, premade music, and voice over vocals to produce radio imaging, podcast imaging or commercial spots.  If you’re confused, listen to my Radio Demo below to get an idea of what I can do.

Feel free to browse my Audio page or my Portfolio page to see samples of everything that I can do with audio production.  Keep in mind that everything heard on those pages (minus the vocals that belong to other voice over artists) was created and produced by myself so come up with a few ideas, get creative, take advantage of the discount and let’s WORK!