Taking it Back: The B Side Show Podcast #50something May 2013 Project Hygiene

Once again, it’s ON!  I’m resurrecting another classic episode of The B Side Show for your listening pleasure.  This was a great episode featuring my interview with Anshia B. Crooms (formerly Anshia B. Tull) of Project Hygiene  With the holidays just around the corner, this is a great time to revisit this show and focus on the importance of giving back.  Project Hygiene is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization established to support underprivileged youth, ages 10-18 by promoting health and wellness while denouncing bullying.  Through generous donations of personal hygiene products from supporters, Project Hygiene has been able to donate thousands of products to hundreds of adolescents across the country who could not afford or gain access to them.  This interview was taped over 4 years ago when the organization was in its infancy but I am happy to report that the organization is still going strong and making a difference with every child reached.  Check out the interview below!

The B Side Show Podcast #50 something

Have a few extra coins to spare? How about paying the water bill of a family in need?

That’s right.  The good people over at Human Utility are sick of the shit and figured out a way for anyone with a little extra to give (and I do mean little, smallest donation can be $5) to help a family, elderly person or someone in need pay for something that should honestly be given free of charge in this land of milk and honey, water.  Last year the city of Detroit resumed its practice of shutting off water to residents unable to pay their water bill.  In case you missed it, Detroit was labeled the poorest big city in the U.S. in 2015 and it was recently reported that the poverty level among Michigan’s children is higher now than it was during the recession in 2008.  Head over to the Human Utility website for more information and if you can, consider helping out someone in need of this basic necessity.


Things to be grateful for while I get over the flu…

And pink eye and an ear infection.


Sitting here feeling like shit, I’ve decided to reflect on everything positive about the situation. Although I’m sick as shit, I do have things to be grateful for and by writing (typing) them down it might make the situation not feel as bad. Might.

So here it goes. I’m grateful for:

Delivery. Being sick and having to get up and cook meals is not the move. Thankfully, we have delivery.

I’m also thankful that I have clean water to bath in and drink to help flesh this virus out because let’s face it, right now there are tons of people who do not have that luxury.

I’m grateful for the gigs that I’m managing to book while sick. All involve writing, post production or voice over work and while the latter is a bit of a challenge now, I’m grateful  that I can still make money from the comfort of my bed.

Speaking of bed, I’m thankful for it along with my warm and comfortable home. I live alone and am able to be as sick as I want to be without feeling guilty for inconveniencing someone else or potentially making them sick. Nothing wrong with telling friends and family that that they can’t come over and visit because you’re sick and I’m grateful that I have that option.

I’m also grateful for the family that drop off soup and other snacks politely and from a safe distance at my front door, you are appreciated.

I’m thankful for Netflix, on demand, various sites that allow me to catch up on shows from channels that I don’t pay for (shout out to my connects…) the original Star Trek and Swamp People on the History channel.

Meds that make me drowsy when sleep is a joke.

My family for checking in on me.

Those awesome City MD places and my doctor Dr. Owen from the one on 69th street for actually calling me and checking on me (NEVER had that happen) and insurance no matter how crappy I believe mine is.

The fact that although it might not feel like it, I’m healthy and my body is healing normally. We forget that when we are ill, most of the time you just have to ride it out. The meds help with the symptoms and antibiotics help the body push the virus out faster but it’s a waiting game. You’ve just got to rest and heal.

I’m thankful for being able to rest and heal.

Trader Joe’s ex president launches new affordable and healthy grocery store

Having actually grown my own food for the past 3 years I see first hand the difference in eating healthy food straight from the earth opposed to the crap at fast food restaurants and the like.  I also know that fresh food expires quicker but it doesn’t mean that it has to be totally disregarded on its way out.  I’ve seen tons of food wasted by restaurants and food chains because it was nearing the expiration date or because the companies just couldn’t get rid of it so I applaud this man for coming up with a solution.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, the “catch” is that the food being sold is food that is nearing the expiration date or can’t be sold by other stores.  Read the article below and you be the judge.  I’m just hoping it makes its way to NYC sooner rather than later.

Via NextShark:

8 things successful entrepreneurs do every morning

First off, I am a Square card reader user.  It’s such a great feeling to be able to accommodate clients by accepting credit or debit card payments on the go via my phone. If you’re a entrepreneur, big or small business, who would like to add this simple and affordable payment option, I recommend trying the square reader.  They’ll even send it to you for free, so it’s a win win.

On to being successful!

We’ve all seen these lists of things that successful people do but I can relate to this list as it revolves around accomplishing things during the morning hours.  No, I’m not a morning person.  However, I can’t deny the fact that waking up early, doing a few yoga stretches, practicing positive affirmations with daily prayers and of course eating a healthy breakfast all play a role in how I’ve been able to improve my days as of late.  Before I read this article from Square, I began some of these daily practices and I’ve seen improvements in my mood, productivity and energy levels.  Working in a good night’s rest and time management routines have also played a role with these improvements but some people might want to start with a few morning rituals to get them on track to a productive day ahead.  Check out the article from Square and go be successful!


Successful Entrepreneurs Do These 8 Things Every Morning:

Feeling sick? Try this at the FIRST sign of a cold.

I swear by this product.  Not because someone is paying me to say so (nope, not happening) but because it works.  At the first sign of a cold, I take this herbal product called Sambucol Black Elderberry Cold and Flu Relief as directed (if using the quick dissolve pill form, you have to take it every 4 hours or so), load myself up with orange juice, get in some extra sleep and within a day or so, I can’t even remember why I started taking it.  That’s been my remedy for the past few years now and it’s worked like a charm.  Since everyone seems to be getting sick around me, I figured I’d pass along the info.  Stay healthy!

5 Minute Morning Yoga

Guess what?  I don’t do yoga. The idea never really moved me to try it. That was until I read this article on CNN about a quick 5 minute yoga routine that can be done in the morning. I can do 5 minutes. Besides, when I wake up, I already dedicate a few minutes to stretching before I get my day started so I figured, this couldn’t hurt to try.  Well…it didn’t hurt, but it was a challenge!  Again, I’ve never done yoga, so some of the poses threw me off a bit (twisting low lung anyone?) but I’m glad that I tried it and will continue on to see if I notice any results. I will say that I immediately felt a bit more flexible than I do with my normal stretches and it did give me the opportunity to just breath and put some positive thoughts in mind head to start the day.  Give it a try and see if it works for you!

Click here for CNN article.