For over 5 years I worked at Sirius XM Satellite Radio in NYC.  I worked my way up from an intern in the music programing department to Board Operator and Technical Producer on various music and talk programs including Martha Stewart Living Radio.  While at Sirius XM I developed my own radio program, The B Side Show.  From 2006-2013 The B Side Show was a successful multimedia site dedicated to giving visitors the best in creative arts through various outlets including music, poetry and visual arts.  The monthly podcast showcased up and coming talent, while also sharing the stories of the those making positive impacts in their community, around New York City and the world.  I decided during the summer of 2013 to cease production of new podcasts and online tv episodes and transition into my visual arts website,    Between my work in daily live radio broadcasts and internet podcasts I have over 7 years of experience in radio and audio production.  Below are a few samples of my production work behind the scenes at Sirius XM as well as my production and hosting skills on The B Side Show podcast and commercial voice over work.

NOTE: All production pieces heard on this page were created solely by Shavon Meyers (opens, bumpers, rejoins, full show productions of The B Side Show, etc).  All material from The B Side Show are owned by Shavon Meyers.  Although Shavon Meyers created all production heard below for Sirius XM she does not claim any ownership rights to them.  All production pieces were created using Adobe Audition.  Scripts for Sirius XM male voice over artist and The B Side Show were written by Shavon Meyers.   To inquire about Shavon’s audio production, audio recording or voice over services please contact her via the Pricing Page using the Contact Form.

Radio On Air Demo


The B Side Show 

Commercial/PSA Voice Over Samples

Spoken Word featured in my poetry book QuietStorm Vol. 1

Click below to listen.

Subway Stories 13

The Way We Were

New! (not available in QuietStorm Vol. 1) Audio Offsprings

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