In the beginning…

Before I gave this funky fresh 2 year anniversary makeover I had one LONG static page dedicated to my blog.  Now that I have a more appropriate blog page I didn’t want to get rid of the past 2 years worth of blog entries so, here they are for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy and keep up with my new blog page here.

December 2014

Holiday photography packs are on sale now just in time for the holidays!  Visit the Store page for more info!


November 2014

Fall in NYC

October 2014

“Corazón” trailer

September 2014

Save the date! 10/3/14 World Premiere of my new film “Corazón”!

The film festival will take place at the Courthouse Theater @ Anthology 32 Second Avenue (at 2nd St.) New York, NY 10003 at 6pm SHARP.  For more information visit the New Filmmakers website.


August 2014

1980’s Subway Party

What better way to spend a warm mid summer’s night than taking over a G train subway car and turning it into a 1980’s style NYC subway car complete with music, a dance party, ball (Think Paris is Burning meets…a train) and a real Guardian Angel?  Artist Shaina Stigler is working on a project to take a few lucky NYC’ers on a trip through time by recreating certain periods for a short time all over NYC.  This pop up time travel party of sorts was the fist in a series that Shaina will debut here in NYC.  I photographed the event for Shaina and have to say it was one of the highlights of my summer.  One of those things that you read about in the paper or some fancy website and scream “WHERE THE HELL WAS I WHEN THIS HAPPENED?”  Well, I was there, and for an hour on one lucky G train car, so were tons of unsuspecting and suspecting New Yorkers.  Fresh indeed.  These are only a few of the pictures I took that night, for all of my pictures visit Shaina’s facebook page.

July 2014

Coming this summer!


May 2014

Check out my radio interview on Sirius XM’S Morning Jolt with Larry Flick and Keith Price!


April 2014

“Look Up” is coming!


April 2014

Behind the scenes pics from my film “Look Up”!

March 2014

Las Vegas.

I turned 30 years old in Sin City with my cousin.  The pictures below are the PG rated versions of my AMAZING trip.  Enjoy!

March 2014

“Even if I have to scream and shout, baby I’m a star!”


#thecityismycanvas Brooklyn

February 2014

January 2014

Vanity Fierce Magazine BTS

Director Mazi O is launching a brand new magazine, Vanity Fierce, and I had the opportunity to shoot some behind the scenes footage of their photo shoot.  Be on the look out for this new magazine coming your way soon!

January 2014

Remember my short film Sunday School?  Well, I’ve been asked several times if I was going to do a follow up to it…

“The Graduate” teaser…



New Year’s resolution: shoot MORE.


December 2013

There’s something special about snow and what it does to the city.  It forces everything and everyone to slow down.  In this rapid fire city that never sleeps, the change in pace is welcomed.







December 2013

Your kisses fit

In every crevice

And every cavity

Of me.

Your lips are key,

To me.

.life support pic

Late November 2013

The 5 Pointz that I once knew is now gone.  The building still stands but the beautiful pieces of art that legally covered it have been whitewashed.  These are the times that I am glad that I’m a photographer, setting out to document life as I know it. Things change.  People change.  That building you pass everyday, your family members, the mailbox, the bus stop, the phone booth, little and not so little pieces of your history can all change in an instant.  There’s something special about having pieces of history, in my case photographs, that can and will tell a story for generations to come.

I have tons of photos of the 5 Pointz that once was and if you have my poetry book, you have a couple as well. Here are a few including one of my favorite pictures that I have taken thus far of a young artist who traveled to 5 Pointz from Spain just to work on his piece.  He let me shoot him as he worked on it:

5 pointz spain

5 pointz spain 2




Tell your story.

Mid November 2013 (actually the 10th…the end of Mercury Retrograde)

Oh boy…if you don’t know what Mercury Retrograde is, google is your friend.  Like most people I cringe at the mention of this phrase but alas, I’ve survived.  I’ve actually had a rather interesting mercury retrograde experience.  I spent the time looking into the positive aspects of it.  It is claimed that this is a time to reflect on the past and pay attention to intuition.  I did just that.  I’ve spent the past few weeks reflecting and paying close attention to circumstances and situations that I might have otherwise not given a second thought.  I examined people, “friends”, choices, and even broke some of the rules that should be followed according to astrologists.  You’re supposed to remain flexible (didn’t do that, my time was my time), allow extra time for travel (HA!)and avoid signing new contracts (yep, did that as well) but I also made sure to review projects that I am working on and plans for the future (LOTS of time reviewing and planning) and guess what?  This has been the best mercury retrograde experience since I became aware of the term and its effects!  This isn’t to say that some bat shit crazy things didn’t happen that I have no other explanation for other than the planets moving backwards and I have to admit, today, the last day of this madness totally threw me for a loop (you’ll read about it in my book one day I PROMISE) but for the most part I simply acknowledged its existence and made a conscious effort to not get sucked into the negativity that surrounds this time.  I simply refused to!  And it worked! I survived, and if you are reading this, you did too.

In particular this time allowed me to focus on my goals and what I need to do to accomplish them.  I re-discovered what some might consider my “life task” and decided to let nothing…NOTHING stand in the way of me achieving MY level of happiness through it.  I have always had a strong desire to learn, so I’m doing just that.  Allowing myself time to learn and master my craft so that I can use my gift of creativity to one day help others.  That’s a big decision.  I’m going to be 30 years old in less than 3 months and I am going back to school part time to fulfill my desire to master my craft.  Who does that?  Who cares?  I’m doing what makes me happy.   I’m taking the road less traveled and using every available resource to gain as much knowledge as I can to continue growing.  I’m not limiting myself to film and photography.  Yes I want to will master those crafts but I have learned that my brain is like a sponge that yearns for knowledge from a wide range of topics and I plan on fulfilling that desire to learn all that I can, in whatever time that I can.

I discovered an old journal today.  Apparently from 2005-2006 I kept a journal and wrote lengthy entries for the entire year.  I have so many notebooks filled with short stories, poems, ideas etc that I don’t even remember making the decision to document my life that year, but I’m glad I did.  Finding that notebook reignited my ability to put pen to paper and allow my thoughts to flow into a vivid stream of stories, intricate life details and observations.  And the entries were good!  So filled with life and passion and honesty.  This was in my early 20’s!  Just imagine what I could do now…no…no more imagining.  I’m going to incorporate more writing into my blog posts.  I’m also going to get back into writing my daily thoughts down.  If nothing else it will be a great reference point for my book 😉

What have I learned from this mercury retrograde experience?  That I truly control my destiny and my thoughts and energy have an effect on its outcome.  For you pessimists, I’m not naive, of course shit happens, bad shit happens everyday.  I can’t control the wars happening, the violence in Brooklyn or the starving kids in this country BUT I do have control over how I react to the bad in this world and how I let it effect me and the lessons I choose to learn from them.  I don’t have the answers to everything and I am quite content with acknowledging the fact that there isn’t an answer to all of life’s questions. What I can do is make my life, my world and the lives and worlds of those around me better.  I can’t control the bad in this world alone but I can do my part, whatever that may be, to try and make the bad better.  Positive over negative always.  I’ve also learned to once again trust my gut over anything and to not apologize for doing so.

My journey will be an awesome one and I’m inviting you along for the ride through my blog posts, stories that I will share, photography and other visuals that will be seen right here on  Let’s GO!!!

November 2013:

I was featured in a collaborative photo exhibit here in NYC.  My work centered around urban texture with a focus on spot color.  Here are a few flicks (camera phone) from the event:

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

A ton of my people came out to support but this is my favorite picture of my cousin Ike and myself in front of my photos.

photo 4

October 2013:

Own the night.




Light painting:


Fall 2013:

I shoot people…



Photographer Bradford Noble


Nanny! (RIP)


September 2013:

Dumbo Brooklyn








Late August 2013:

Check out my interview with Haute Hemisphere


Late August 2013:

Stay fly.

Rise above.

Vibrate higher.

fly 1 bwb full





August 2013: Color.

How important is color?  How does it change an image?  What happens to an image when color is removed?  How does color change a person’s view of another person?  How does color change society?  With so many questions about color it makes you wonder, is everything really just black and white?








Storm King Art NY


July 2013:

First off…WELCOME!  This is my first official blog entry on the brand new site and what better way to start this journey than sharing some pictures of my recent trip to New Orleans.


House on the Bayou

 House on the bayou.

New Orleans is quickly becoming a love of mine.  I made the trip down to NOLA (second time visiting) and truly experienced the city and everything it has to offer.  Of course my camera (Nina) came along for the journey and I wanted to share a few flicks from the trip.


Canal Street Trolley or streetcar.


Beads hanging from a tree on the Mardi Gras parade route.  There is no such thing as a “bead remover” so wherever they land, they stay.

Hurricane Katrina 8 years later bw

8 years after Katrina and there are still numerous signs of the devastation.  This house has not been touched since the storm.  Certain houses such as this still carry the spray painted symbols from search and rescue teams as well as the water lines from the flood.



Gator in the swamp

The 14 foot alligator that our “swamp man” tour guide Gary caught and allowed us to touch.  I’m not sure how the alligator felt about it but we enjoyed it.

Nola Above ground cemetery

Since New Orleans is mostly below sea level all of the cemeteries are above ground.