Say Word (Photo Book III)


“Say Word” Photo Book III is a combination of my words and photography.  I’ve combined my words and images to form a summary of positive reflections all relating to things that I have experienced, learned or wanted to share as forms of encouragement and light.  Say Word.


Allow me to reintroduce myself, I’m from Brooklyn.  Sometimes that’s all that needs to be said.  I love my city.  Everything about it, the good, the bad and in between.  I’ll defend it until death and dare anyone to judge simply because, Brooklyn…

the way we were W

An excerpt from my poem “The Way We Were” featured in my poetry book QuietStorm Vol. 1.  Growing up in Brooklyn during the late 80’s through 90’s afforded me the luxury of not only listening to your favorite rapper’s melodies of hardships but also experiencing some of them.  Looking back, I’ve grown to appreciate my upbringing, family and experiences more because they are the things that have molded me to the person I am today.


Here’s what I KNOW, people talk.  They will talk about you if you come into work everyday and do nothing but your job to the best of your ability and they will talk about you if you do the opposite.  Unfortunately misery LOVES company and there are people in this world who thrive off of gossip, confusion and drama.  Let them!  Let them talk, gossip and become engulfed in the pitiful drama filled world that they have created for themselves.  What other people think of you is none of your concern.  Keep going! Let them talk, don’t take it personal and don’t forget to smile, it confuses the masses!


Heaven is here.  If you haven’t found it yet, create it.  I believe heaven doesn’t have to be this mystical place that you only experience in death.  You can create your own personal heaven here on earth now.  Happiness is a choice, so choose it.  As an artist I tend to find part of my happiness in my creative work.  The process of creation, the joy of completion, the satisfaction of learning, are all building blocks to my heaven.  What are yours?


Nike has the best slogan ever, just do it.  Don’t be afraid to try something new, to create, to speak, to love, to experience life and to FLY.


I could have easily taken a left turn somewhere along the road…easily.  You might not have everything in life that you want right now, but if you have everything you need, you’re blessed and are a lot better off than where you could be.


It. Just. Doesn’t.


Love is such a powerful energy that the world is lacking.  I was once told that in order to change the world you had to start from within.  Know your worth, love yourself and spread love…it’s the Brooklyn way.


Excerpt from my poem “KINGdumb MENtal-ity” featured in my poetry book QuietStorm Vol. 1.

We’re all Kings and Queens.  Wake up, put your crown on and tackle each day to the best of your ability, as any King or Queen would.


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