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“Shavon is a pleasure to work with.  As sound engineer for my show on the Martha channel at SIRIUS XM, she was always positive and upbeat. Shavon was also professional and she would focus on doing her job well.  I love working with good people and Shavon is definitely good people.”

Maggie Mistal, Career Coach

“Shavon wears many hats as photographer, writer, director and producer. She is a jack of all trades and master of All. I’ve worked with her on a few projects and I can say she is the consummate professional with a creativity level that is endless. She never ceases to amaze me- she is a true artist.”

Ashti Anderson, Lead Actress Corazón

“You brought out the best in me.  Working with you was really therapeutic…you enable people to confront themselves because being in the front of the camera can be very awkward.  But you create a serene and comfortable atmosphere that just draws out the many dimensions in a person.  That right there is a gift like no other.  You helped me love more of myself after our shoot.  I can’t thank you enough for that.”

Jeremy V., Student


“I was a bit more comfortable than I would typically be; you were a pleasure to work with.  Extremely professional but still fun and welcoming! Truly a gem.”

Chanel C., Law Student


“So I got the opportunity to do a shoot which sounds fun and exciting until fear of a camera took over.  Although Shavon is the furthest thing from a stranger, I couldn’t help but feel anxiety. Out stretching my arm oddly for a selfie was more comforting than the thought of a lens I did not control.  The day came and I was wreck…  Shavon reassured me that everything would be fine like she had from the very beginning.  I turned on my music as she unpacked her equipment and I set up my looks.  Soon, ease took over me and Shavon did her magic.  I even brought a friend along for moral support and she hopped in on the fun.  I was still a tad nervous but Shavon had everything under control and directed me when needed.  Her confidence helped a lot with mine. It was a great day and everything fell together perfectly.  I can’t wait to shoot with her again!”

Eden H., Model



Services currently offered by Shavon Meyers:


Photography Services:




Event Photography

Small Product Photography

Corporate Photography

Secondary Wedding Photographer

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Other services offered:

Production Assistant


Creative Writing

Website Creation and Design

Organizer (office)

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