alicia keys

Alicia Keys “In Common” video

AK47!  This video is so New York and classy.  I love it and I honestly didn’t like the song when I first heard it a few weeks ago.  I left it alone, revisited it and it started growing on me.  Now seeing the video, I’m sold!

Alicia Keys “28 Thousand Days”

Now this is the AK47 that I remember.

If you know me, you know that I am a retired Alicia Keys aka AK47 stan.  I’ve been to several concerts, attended her MTV Unplugged concert at BAM some years back (snuck into the afterparty too) met her two or three times, all that jazz.  She’s still currently holding the number 1 spot of women that I’d wife if given the chance and I actually liked women but I have to admit, after the As I Am album, I fell off.  Or maybe she did, either way she didn’t capture me the way she once did.  Nothing bad, it just happens.  Artists change and develop and so do their audiences but when I heard her latest single 28 Thousand Days I couldn’t help but fall in like and be reminded of what this woman can do.  So far it’s getting mixed reviews.  Some love it and others HATE it but I am in strong LIKE with it.  The title references the idea that the average American lives an average of 28,000 days.  That’s a lot of fricking days, how are you living them?