KiKi Documentary Trailer

YES.  YES.  YAAAAASSSSSS!  This looks like Paris is Burning for the new era and I am here for it!  KiKi opens in NY and will be available on demand on iTunes and Amazon on 3/1.  Visit the film’s official site

You Look Disgusting

This is powerful and brave.  A little backstory about the woman in the piece, Em Ford. She is a London based beauty blogger who posted a few makeup tutorials using her own bare face as the model.  She received tons of cruel comments on social media about her adult acne and instead letting it get the best of her, she and a creative team created this piece to promote beauty in ALL FORMS.  I don’t care what her skin looks like, she’s the most beautiful person that I’ve seen all day.

It’s no secret that humans can be cruel, but here’s a secret that they don’t want you to know, you’re favorite actress, singer, model etc hides life’s imperfections under TONS of makeup, post production and surgeries.  I’m all for changing whatever you feel you have to change in order to be comfortable in the skin you’re in, however there is nothing more beautiful that a person that can recognize their inner beauty and allow that to shine regardless of what society may deem undesirable.  Women in particular are always held to this impossible standard of beauty and as a 31 year old black woman I’m sick of it.  To some degree, we all have bumps, bruises, stretch marks, acne, bad hair days, bags under our eyes, stained teeth are a little too heavy/too thin or have SOMETHING that SOMEONE will not find attractive about us physically.  We are beautifully flawed and that’s LIFE.  I applaud her for having enough confidence and beauty within to share this with the world.

Don’t let anyone tell you, you’re NOT beautiful.