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Kick start 2016 with Maggie Mistal’s Mastermind Program!

If there’s one thing that you should know about me by now, it’s that I do not endorse services or share product information that I don’t believe in.  I just don’t.  Maggie Mistal is someone that I believe in for a few reasons:

  1.  I know her (as in I know her in real life and not just on social media).  We both worked on the Martha Stewart Living Radio channel on Sirius XM a few years ago before the channel ceased production.
  2. I’ve actually watch Maggie build her empire.  While I was working at Sirius XM as an engineer, Maggie was an on air host of her own career advice show while building her brand and career consulting business.  She’s now a wildly successful career coach living her dream.  She doesn’t just talk it, she lives it.
  3. Maggie is an extremely encouraging, positive and powerful force that can not only help you succeed in your career goals but can help you figure out what those goals might be.

I recently spoke to Maggie as I myself and embarking on a new career chapter as I take my creative services to the next level and she mentioned her “Mastermind Group Program“.  You can read all about program here 

I highly recommend this for anyone feeling like they need a change for the new year.  Whether it be a career change or other life changing goals, Maggie’s honest and inspiring advice can definitely help you on your journey.  Tell her I sent you!

The above image and video were not produced by Shavon Meyers.