dawn richard

Dawn Richard’s 360 VR video “Not Above That”

Can’t stop,  won’t stop.  @DawnRichard just dropped a 360 VR (virtual reality) video for one of her latest singles “Not Above That”.  I saw her perform in Brooklyn this past weekend as part of the Northside Festival and it was such a good performance!  Not that I expected anything less, it’s just a refreshing treat to see someone whose music you support and love DESTROY a live performance in the best way.  She gives her all on stage and in her visuals as seen with this boundary pushing release.  Break out the 3d glasses and enjoy the ride!

Youtube’s 1st 360 livestream performance featuring Dawn Richard

I’m excited about anything that Dawn does but this is groundbreaking and I’m glad that she is the person kicking off this new way of capturing and broadcasting live performances.  It all happens Wednesday 4/20/16 via The Verge. You can read about the Verge’s 1st 360 livestream with First Lady Michelle Obama here and see the video to get a sense of what will likely take place.  Check out her latest single “Not Above That” below.


Dawn Richard “Billie Jean/Dance” video

THE REDEMPTION ERA IS UPON US!  If you haven’t figured it out, Dawn can do no wrong in my eyes and her visual collaborations with Monty Marsh have been nothing short of excellent.  Check out the latest video for “Billie Jean” and the brand new 1st single off the Redemption project dropping next year, “Dance”.


Bonus:  Un Making The Band with Dawn Richard