Wish list: Profoto A1

Jackpot, I think I’m in love…

I know!  Another light…but this is a Profoto lightProfoto.  Big dog pitbulls in the game of light.  Yes, their equipment is expensive, but it’s worth it.  This beauty is being touted as the world’s smallest studio light and I want in!  Here’s what I really like about this light, it seems like an easy to use on camera light compared to other speedlights.  It also seems powerful enough for outdoor portraits but it may also be able to handle bigger studio jobs, and with the Profoto brand behind it, you know you’re paying for quality.  BUT, there really is only one way to find out, and this is a wish list post, soooooo…feel free to help me get closer to making this wish a reality by going here, scrolling down and donating what you wish to the cause! 🙂 

Wish List: Tamron 18-400 f3.5-6.3 lens

Hey now…

 Via Tamron’s site:

Go to extremes with the world’s first* 22.2x ultra-telephoto all-in-one zoom.

Introducing the world’s first ultra-telephoto all-in-one zoom lens for the APS-C format. With a focal length range of 18-400mm and 22.2x zoom, it has an ultra-telephoto range equivalent to 620mm in the 35mm format. This brings distant subjects closer, while providing perspective-flattening effects that are only possible with an extreme telephoto lens. Plus it offers exceptional optical performance across the entire zoom range—from wide angle to ultra-telephoto. With this new lens—and its Moisture-Resistant Construction—Tamron brings the art of photography to the joy of travel. Now you can use the same lens to shoot everything from stunning landscapes and neon-lit cities to detailed portraits and delicate flora. The ultra-telephoto range makes it just as easy to photograph animals and sports. And with a maximum magnification ratio of 1:2.9, you can even enjoy tele-macro photography.

AEOS Rotolight

Another one.  

I admit, as a photographer on the go I have a thing for portable strobes and LED lights that have enough power to make me forget that I’m not using my studio strobes.  Luckily, lighting companies keep answering my prayers and continue to come up with low profile lighting solutions for the traveling photographer.  The new AEOS Rotolight combines lightweight capabilities, a powerful LED and strobe light combination, aluminum handles and a 360 degree ball head for maximum movement and creativity. Per their website:

Introducing the new Rotolight AEOS — a powerful, ultra-portable, bi-colour LED light that brings tremendous versatility to any shoot. Designed for portrait and location photographers and videographers on the move, AEOS is a bi-colour, location LED light with a unique ‘ultra-thin’ design concept. Weighing in at under 1.5kg and just 1cm(<1”) thick, AEOS is one of the most portable lights on the market.

Featuring a powerful light output (5750 lux @ 3ft), industry leading colour accuracy (CRI:96+) for perfect skin tones, and unrivaled battery performance (3 hours on a single 95 w/h battery), AEOS is the ultimate light for any location shoot.

Uniquely, AEOS includes integrated aluminum handles, giving you the freedom to ‘work the light’ to achieved your desired lighting setup.  A high quality professional ball head is also included as standard, providing full 360° rotation and 200° of tilt when mounted on a light stand.

AEOS simply eliminates the need for time consuming lighting setups, providing you more time to unleash your creativity, and to compose the perfect shot.

The light is scheduled to ship beginning in June for $999.  

GoDox AD200 Pocket Flash

I’ve never heard of the GoDox brand but they have my attention with their new AD 200 Pocket Flash.  As a freelance photographer who criss crosses the 5 Boroughs for shoots, I’m always excited when a company figures out a way to make a photographer’s life easier without sacrificing quality.  I have not seen the output on this new product which seems to be a travel sized hybrid strobe/speedlight but at a very attractive price and impressive specs, this might not be a bad lighting option to have in my camera bag.  


Panasonic Lumix DMC LX100

File this under gifts that would look lovely underneath my Christmas tree…

The last time that I purchased a Panasonic Lumix was back in 2008 or 2009 when I purchased the then new Lumix DMC LX3.  I loved it and it still works today just as well as it did then however, it’s time for an upgrade.  This would be the perfect everyday camera because let’s face it, DSLRs are heavy AND it shoots 4K video.  Great bonus feature.  Head over to B and H for more info.

Canon to release ME20F-SH camera with over 4,000,000 ISO

Yes, that’s an ISO of over 4 million.  I read about the camera when it was announced but now that there is footage of its performance, I can officially start drooling.  Seriously, technology is advancing at a ridiculous rate but this camera is unbelievable.  To be able to see an image in pitch black darkness without the use of infrared is mind blowing.  There are a ton of other specs to go crazy over and if you’re blessed enough to spare it…$30,000 that is, go ahead and slide this under my Xmas tree this year.  Think of it as you putting a few thousand coins in your karma bank.

canon me20fsh

Check out the new footage here or head over to a favorite site of mine, No Film School, to see the video and read more about the camera.

Night photography tips

I had an assignment from a client to capture the city at night.  I haven’t done any night photography in quite awhile so I had to break out my notes and remember some of the basics to creating successful night images.  These are a few things that I keep in mind:

1. Use a tripod!  I know, who wants to lug around another piece of equipment, especially at night?  But tripods are essential to capturing sharp, clear images at night.  For the most part, when you are shooting at night your shutter speed is extremely slow so any movement will introduce blur in the shot.  The great news is that there are tons of affordable alternatives to the full sized tripods out there.  As I talked about a few posts back my Gorilla Pod has been a great addition to my equipment collection.  This was my first time using it at night at it was a great alternative to a full sized tripod.  BUT If you absolutely must shoot at night without a tripod, look around, there are plenty of flat surfaces everywhere.


2.  Slow down…your shutter that is.

As I mentioned when shooting at night you want a slow shutter, the slower the better.  I shot all of my images with a 30 second shutter.  Because I had my Gorilla Pod I didn’t have to worry about blur.  You can also utilize the Bulb feature and have an even longer shutter if needed.  This will come in handy when you are shooting sky trails at night or even fireworks this summer.  Keep your ISO low, 100 or 200 if you can.

3.  Plan ahead.  Know where and what you want to capture before hand.


In this case my client wanted busy city streets with blurred motion of cars, lights and no people.  With this information ahead of time I was able to adjust my camera settings before hand, map out a few locations, do a test set up while the sun was out and get straight to work when the sun went down.  Since you don’t have the benefit of sunlight to see what you’re doing, it helps to know where you are going and what you want to capture ahead of time so that you’re not fumbling around in the dark trying to find streets, certain settings on your camera and set up equipment.  Be mindful of whatever the laws are in the area that you are photographing.  For example here in NYC as soon as you put a tripod on the ground (for video), you technically need a permit for whatever you’re doing.  You would hate to get everything set up to photograph a major bridge at night only to find out that you can’t photograph it in a certain area at a certain time.

4.  Go out and shoot!  The 4th of July is right around the corner, what better time to pick up the camera, go out and capture some of the action.    If you live in NY there are fireworks pretty much every weekend at Coney Island during the summer so if you’re looking for a free night photography challenge, you’ve got it.