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GoDox AD200 Pocket Flash

I’ve never heard of the GoDox brand but they have my attention with their new AD 200 Pocket Flash.  As a freelance photographer who criss crosses the 5 Boroughs for shoots, I’m always excited when a company figures out a way to make a photographer’s life easier without sacrificing quality.  I have not seen the output on this new product which seems to be a travel sized hybrid strobe/speedlight but at a very attractive price and impressive specs, this might not be a bad lighting option to have in my camera bag.  


Wishlist: Reflections in Black A History of Black Photographers 1840 – Present by Deborah Willis

‘Tis the season to be jolly and shit and I’d be the jolliest photographer in all the land if someone were to put this book in my Xmas stocking this year!  Ok cut the cheesy holiday talk,  I really want this book.  I’ve had my eyes on it for awhile now but have never gotten around to hunting down a new copy.  It’s out there for sure and I’m sure it is waiting to start its new life on my bookshelf 😉



Nas Launches Ugly Xmas Sweater in Support of Prison Reform

If you’re going to an ugly Christmas sweater party this year, do it with purpose!  Nas is selling his “Kneeling Santa” sweaters through his HSTRY clothing brand.  According to the site:

“A portion of proceeds will go to The Center for Court Innovation, which seeks to help create a more effective and humane justice system, reducing both crime and incarceration.”

You can read more about the initiative over at Huff Post and pick up a sweater via HSTRY’s website.



Spoiler alert: I purchased the red one.


Sporting Guide: Los Angeles 1897

I saw a quick interview with the author of Sporting Guide: Los Angeles 1897 Liz Goldwyn and after watching the trailer for the book was immediately intrigued.  Check it out below.

Apparently “sporting guides” were handed out at brothels way back when as a sort of who’s who of the best *ahem* providers of service.  Amazing.   According to the author’s Instagram page, Sporting Guide is described as a book “set in LA 1897 in the world of vice and prostitution…before Hollywood.”  I’m all in.  You can purchase the book from the author’s site.  Oh, she also happens to be the brother of Tony Goldwyn aka President “Fitz” from Scandal for all my fellow gladiators.

Canon to release ME20F-SH camera with over 4,000,000 ISO

Yes, that’s an ISO of over 4 million.  I read about the camera when it was announced but now that there is footage of its performance, I can officially start drooling.  Seriously, technology is advancing at a ridiculous rate but this camera is unbelievable.  To be able to see an image in pitch black darkness without the use of infrared is mind blowing.  There are a ton of other specs to go crazy over and if you’re blessed enough to spare it…$30,000 that is, go ahead and slide this under my Xmas tree this year.  Think of it as you putting a few thousand coins in your karma bank.

canon me20fsh

Check out the new footage here or head over to a favorite site of mine, No Film School, to see the video and read more about the camera.

Panasonic Lumix DMC G7 (someone should get this for me).

I’m starting a list of things that you can get the photographer/videographer/filmmaker/visual artist in your life.  You know Christmas is right around the…whatever.


Panasonic DMC G7