“Punk Christmas”

Having seen this with my own eyes living in this big ‘ole rotten apple of a city and working at an institute of higher learning, witnessing first hand what students leave in dorm rooms and on the street after the school year ends, I can also confirm that sadly, this does happen.  Tons of shit new or gently used items get tossed every year by these kids.  I did not know that certain schools set up donation areas for this stuff, which is a good start but it makes it even more unfortunate that these kids would rather toss items in the trash than donate them to someone who would appreciate this stuff.  Happy hunting…

Via Gothamist.  

An 11 year old girl turned lemons into $60,000 Whole Foods distributed lemonade!

Talk about turning lemons into lemonade!  After getting $60,000 in investment funds on the ABC show Shark Tank, 11 year old  Mikaila Ulmer just got herself a contract with Whole Foods supermarkets to distribute her lemonade to 55 stores throughout the southern part of the U.S.  Read about her story on The Root.

This little black girl reconfirms my FAITH.  Faith in myself, my people and our future.  Rock on and drink lemonade.