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NY Times: To the First Lady, With Love

“Michelle Obama will have her own legacy, separate from her husband’s. And it will be that she was the first first lady to show women that they don’t have to choose. That it’s okay to be everything.”

-Rashida Jones

















To say that the First Lady symbolizes elegance, dignity, class and feminism with the candor of an unshakeable being says way too little about her.  She will truly be missed in the White House!  Four writers for the NY Times penned thank you letters to our First Lady, Michelle Obama.  Read the full article here.

Image Collier Schorr

Tika Sumpter to play First Lady Michelle Obama in new film


I love Tika Sumpter and the thought of this film is giving me all the feels!  I am excited to see her portray the FLOTUS in this new film debuting at Sundance entitled Southside with You.  The film also stars Parker Sawyer as the POTUS and centers around the first date between the two back in the summer of 1989 (ah, the good ole days).  You can see a clip from the movie below and head over to XONecole to read more about the film and see what Tika had to say about her role.