New Orleans

What I’m listening to: Dave East, Solange and Christian Scott

2016 has been a great year musically.  Over the summer I caved in and got a Tidal subscription with my wonderful student discount (yay school) and it actually has allowed me to discover music from artists that I never even knew existed.  

deMost recently, I discovered Harlem rapper Dave East.  I appreciate his mixtape Kairi Chanel because it’s that good ole’ New York rappity rap RAP that I’ve been missing.  Never mind the almost comical fact that this is his 10th mixtape and I didn’t have a clue about this guy until a few weeks ago (I stopped keeping up with the rap Joneses a LONG time ago) or the fact that this mixtape plays like a solid debut album, but he’s gotten the attention of Mr. Illmatic himself, Nas, and is signed to his label Mass Appeal Records.  That should be a solid enough co-sign to give this mixtape a listen.  







 Solange’s A Seat At The Table is FOR US!  Seriously, just listen.














I love when clients put me on to new music!  If you don’t know by now, I have a love affair with New Orleans.  Everything from the people to the culture to the history to the music…I love it all!  A client suggested that I listen to New Orleans native Christian Scott’s Christian aTunde Adjuah after a recent photo shoot and I was not disappointed.  This isn’t his latest jazz project, this album was released in 2012 and is labeled as a 2 disc album so I am still digesting it (over 20 songs) but feel free to get lost in his many other bodies of work, you won’t be sorry.  


Hurricane Katrina: 10 years later + Mardi Gras Indians documentary

I don’t know about any news reports but I do know what my eyes saw on my last visit to New Orleans a couple of years ago.  Of course, Bourbon Street is thriving but there are still neighborhoods in New Orleans that look like this picture, as if the hurricane happened 10 days ago instead of 10 years ago.

Hurricane Katrina 8 years later bw

My only hope is that the many residents that fled will one day return and keep the spirit and culture that welcomed myself and so many others alive and well.  I love New Orleans.  I think what I love most about it is its rich history and the energy behind it.  I have this dream to return for about a year and document the Mardi Gras Indians.   It will happen, until then check out part of this 1976 documentary by Dr. Maurice Martinez about them.