Happy Pride! (throwback video of when I walked in the parade – 2011)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…PRIDE!  If you don’t know, I support the LGBTQ community to the fullest and since 2011 (WOW that feels like yesterday) I have walked in the NYC Pride Parade with my cousin and her wife.  I captured some pretty epic footage the first year that we walked in the parade and decided to bring it back just in time for this year’s celebration.  This is all raw footage of the day but it does a pretty good job of showing just how much fun the Pride Parade is.  Enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2

Marriage equality for ALL!

YAAASSSSSSSSS!  The Supreme Court rules in favor of marriage equality across all states in the US!  Just in time for Pride this weekend here in NYC.  I fully support LOVE.  I don’t believe the energy that is love sees sexual orientation, just love.  Love is LOVE!  This is a great step forward for our nation and I’m excited that there are at least a few folk in the Supreme Court that also believe in love.  Happy Pride!