Sometimes it snows in April…RIP Prince

I haven’t been able to bring myself to write about the late great Prince.  Typing “late” followed shortly by Prince hurts the pit of my stomach.  Such a beautiful artist, philanthropist (even I’m amazed at some of his past and recent contributions), spiritual being, ENERGY.  Spike Lee managed to shut down a Brooklyn block for a tribute block party the evening of his death.  Yes, the same day, hours later, Spike had a good thousand people dancing our sorrows away for the one and only Prince.  I’m fortunate enough to have had seen him live at his Welcome to America Tour and baby I’m so glad that I got to witness a true artist in every sense of the word in person.  I managed to get some cell phone vid and a few flicks.  Still in disbelief.

Prince block


RIP Prince

In case you missed, Prince released a new album…

Unfortunately, you can only hear the full album entitled HITNRUN Phase One if you have a Tidal subscription. Ha.

Here’s the sucky thing about these music subscription based platforms, artists are forced to take sides and pick a platform to release their new music while the fans suffer.  WHY should I have to purchase a subscription for a service that I don’t use to hear one of my favorite artist’s new album?  I miss the good ole days of artists releasing hard copies of music and the experience of going to a record store to purchase a physical record, cassette tape or cd.  Sign o the times I guess.