Walk! (short video)

The 1990’s documentary Paris is Burning is one of my favorite documentaries because it dives into the ballroom culture of that era.  This short piece Walk! combines archival footage from past balls through the 80’s to present day.  I’m not sure who exactly is behind the piece other than the Vimeo account that it is linked to (Nicholas Jenkins) but I love the fact that they were able to piece together this older footage of the ladies and gents and the ballroom culture.

Dee-1 “Sallie Mae”

I’ve been a fan of @Dee1music since his locks were dancing on his shoulders instead of down his back.  I’ve always loved his lyrical content but THIS SHIT RIGHT HERE…WHEW!  As someone who knows the feeling of paying off that bitch Sallie Mae from my first stint at college to now reenrolling in school to finish my degree, of course with that bitch’s Sallie Mae’s “help”, I can relate to this song.  Look, most of this generation will either die with student loan debt, go broke trying to pay it off or just accept the fact that she will have to get the minimum payment every month until you can afford to make that lump sum payment (or chunks of it at a time).  I let the fear of owing money back for student loans keep me from finishing my education for a LONG time, then I got over it.  Took her money and she’ll get it back when I get it.  Ha.  Shouts to him for paying everything off!

This is Life w/Lisa Ling “Inside Mongol Nation”

First off, I want to be like Lisa Ling when I grow up.  Ask me what I  want to do with my life and I’ll tell you that I want to do what she does (documenting and sharing the stories of others) via an online platform with the added bonus of photography.  This will happen, I’m sure.  Second,  I want to be an old lady.  Judge if you must, but at this point in the game I’m probably not going to get a motorcycle license and this seems like the perfect way to surround myself with the bike culture.  I’ve been saying for a few years that I’d LOVE the opportunity to be invited into a motorcycle club’s inner circle to document it…then, as she so often does, Lisa somehow, someway, sneaks into my brain and makes my dream a reality.  You go girl.

Do yourself a favor and watch this episode of This is Life with Lisa Ling about the Mongols MC.  These motorcycle clubs are so much more that “gangs” and I’m thrilled that they allowed her inside their club so that they could put a different image of themselves out to the public.

If the link gets snatched down, head to CNN for a trailer of the show.

Dawn Richard “Billie Jean/Dance” video

THE REDEMPTION ERA IS UPON US!  If you haven’t figured it out, Dawn can do no wrong in my eyes and her visual collaborations with Monty Marsh have been nothing short of excellent.  Check out the latest video for “Billie Jean” and the brand new 1st single off the Redemption project dropping next year, “Dance”.


Bonus:  Un Making The Band with Dawn Richard