Have a few extra coins to spare? How about paying the water bill of a family in need?

That’s right.  The good people over at Human Utility are sick of the shit and figured out a way for anyone with a little extra to give (and I do mean little, smallest donation can be $5) to help a family, elderly person or someone in need pay for something that should honestly be given free of charge in this land of milk and honey, water.  Last year the city of Detroit resumed its practice of shutting off water to residents unable to pay their water bill.  In case you missed it, Detroit was labeled the poorest big city in the U.S. in 2015 and it was recently reported that the poverty level among Michigan’s children is higher now than it was during the recession in 2008.  Head over to the Human Utility website for more information and if you can, consider helping out someone in need of this basic necessity.


We fall down…

But we get up…

I took part in the LRG/Jansport photo walk last week and of course I met some cool photographers, discovered a few places that I’d never explored with my camera and WALKED, a lot, but one of the highlights had to be the young man who took an L for the team by trying to give us something interesting to photograph.  I present to you, The Fall:





He was a REALLY good sport about it and I hope he doesn’t have an extra leg or arm growing by now.  Just another reminder that sometimes when you fall, you have to laugh, dust or dry yourself off and keep pushing!