zoe saldana

Nina trailer FINALLY released!

“If Will Smith can play Dr. Omalu why can’t Zoe Saldana play Nina Simone?”   Best thing I’ve seen all day.  I’m a filmmaker, I know the feeling of selecting the actor that you think will portray the role the best based on their performance.  WHY can’t we give the film a chance?  Maybe, just maybe, the director and everyone involved felt like Zoe was the best actress for the job regardless of her skin tone.  Crazy concept, I know.  If you think it will be trash, don’t support it.  Simple.  But to assume that it will be horrible based on the single fact that Zoe Saldana looks nothing like Nina Simone is ridiculous.  I’m here for this film and I’m here for artistic creativity and freedom.  If you think you can do better, by all means, go out and make a better movie using a darker skinned actress.  🙂

I think Zoe will do a fine job and I will be supporting the movie so that I can see for myself if she can pull it off under the enormous amount of negative energy surround this film from it’s inception.  Come for me if you must 🙂