Sporting Guide: Los Angeles 1897

Sporting Guide: Los Angeles 1897

I saw a quick interview with the author of Sporting Guide: Los Angeles 1897 Liz Goldwyn and after watching the trailer for the book was immediately intrigued.  Check it out below.

Apparently “sporting guides” were handed out at brothels way back when as a sort of who’s who of the best *ahem* providers of service.  Amazing.   According to the author’s Instagram page, Sporting Guide is described as a book “set in LA 1897 in the world of vice and prostitution…before Hollywood.”  I’m all in.  You can purchase the book from the author’s site.  Oh, she also happens to be the brother of Tony Goldwyn aka President “Fitz” from Scandal for all my fellow gladiators.

Posted on: October 6, 2015Shavon

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