#findyoursummer Untitled #1 June

#findyoursummer Untitled #1 June

Remember being a kid during the summer break from school?  It was the BEST time of the year, besides Christmas.  Anything was possible and the world was yours.  I miss that feeling, that fearlessness of being a kid and knowing, truly knowing and believing that ANYTHING was possible.  Well, I’m getting her back.  Young Shay. The girl who learned how to ride her bike with one hand one summer because her other arm was in a yellow cast from her wrist to her shoulder.  No fear of falling and breaking my other arm, no reason to believe that the kids from around the way wouldn’t pick me to be on their team for any game because I was still the fasted girl in the neighborhood, even with one free arm.  No doubt, carefree, and open to the possibilities of everything working out for the better.  THAT SHAY!  I’m challenging you to do the same.  This summer, #findyoursummer.  Reclaim that kid in you that knew there was nothing but endless possibilities waiting for you when you stepped outside that door, no matter what the circumstances.  This summer, be fearless, be vibrant, be open and live fuller! 

Each month this summer I’ll be releasing a new video, written poem or spoken word piece as part of my #findyoursummer project.  The first piece “Untitled #1 (June)” can be seen below.  Enjoy!


Posted on: June 5, 2016Shavon

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