Taking it Back: The B Side Show Podcast #50something May 2013 Project Hygiene

Once again, it’s ON!  I’m resurrecting another classic episode of The B Side Show for your listening pleasure.  This was a great episode featuring my interview with Anshia B. Crooms (formerly Anshia B. Tull) of Project Hygiene  With the holidays just around the corner, this is a great time to revisit this show and focus on the importance of giving back.  Project Hygiene is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization established to support underprivileged youth, ages 10-18 by promoting health and wellness while denouncing bullying.  Through generous donations of personal hygiene products from supporters, Project Hygiene has been able to donate thousands of products to hundreds of adolescents across the country who could not afford or gain access to them.  This interview was taped over 4 years ago when the organization was in its infancy but I am happy to report that the organization is still going strong and making a difference with every child reached.  Check out the interview below!

The B Side Show Podcast #50 something

Taking It Back: The B Side Show Podcast #31 Respect Ya Elders pt.4

As we continue on through this journey of my past life as a radio host, I present to you my series within The B Side Show podcast “Respect Ya Elders”.  This was my opportunity to use an entire show to play nothing but the classics.  This edition revolved around 70’s and 80’s black cinema.  The songs chosen were the musical background to classics such as Sparkle (the original), Fame (the original), Claudine and Super Fly.  I also took the liberty of adding clips from other classic films such as The Education of Sonnie Carson, The Warriors and The Mack to fully round out the show.  According to my labels, this episode premiered in December 2008 and I must say, IT STILL SOUNDS DAMN GOOD!  Listen below and judge for yourself!







The B Side Show “Respect Ya Elders Pt. 4” Originally aired December 2008:

Taking it back: The B Side Show podcast #8 Topic: Gay Marriage (Air date: 2007)

I’m taking it back, way back!  10 years or so ago I created The B Side Show Podcast.  The idea began with my frustration while a student at CSB (great school) with traditional FM radio and its limitations.  The same songs being played every hour, the same dry talk breaks, interviews with artists who weren’t saying much with their music or in their interviews and hosts who didn’t ask the thought provoking questions that I thought should have been asked OR discussing topics that I felt were important enough for some air time.  Back then, no one knew what a podcast was.  People were still beginning to understand and accept the concept of satellite radio and paying for exclusive radio content so the idea of an online radio show kept many scratching their heads.  Now, everyone and they mama has a podcast.  I noticed the change in tide and began seeing the over saturation of the podcast platform early on, right around the time that I began expanding my brand and began falling in love with photography and video productions.  By the time my last show aired, there were new podcasts by big named celebrities and public figures popping up weekly and the concept of playing music from artists not heard on traditional radio was something that had made its way into the mainstream.  In short, everyone was doing it.  I decided to cease production of the show (better to end on top) and rebrand the idea of the show to focus on my photography and visual arts.  Thus became and my popular podcast episodes remained idle on various external drives.  

(Me at CSB as a student working on The B Side Show)









I recently started thinking about The B Side Show and how FIYAH it was (fire emoji).  I will pat myself all the way on the back because I was a one woman band.  I filled the role of creator, host, producer, engineer, editor, talent relations etc.  I was the show!  I contacted and interviewed every artist on the show, created every playlist, recorded every interview with the artists, held down the website and posted every edition of the show myself.  I did all of that and promoted the show without any type of machine behind me.  I managed to gain listeners across the country AND globe.  People as far as Africa, Alaska and Asia have heard my voice via The B Side Show and for that I am forever grateful.  Again, I have to stress, this was 10 years ago when it wasn’t as easy as it is now.  There was a lot to learn but I managed to do it and put together some amazing radio content.  Content so dope that the shows have a fantastic shelf life, which brings me to now: I’m posting old episodes of my show for those who have never heard it AND for the overnight “radio hosts” that pop up daily…because, levels.  I also had a full time radio job at Sirius XM which kept me on my toes and my skills sharp because I worked on live radio broadcasts everyday.  I don’t know who in the terrestrial FM radio world besides talk radio shows actually do FULL LIVE radio broadcasts everyday but being in that environment made me the radio beast that I became.  So here we are.  Me with tons of content a decade later and a platform to share it.  I’m unlocking the vault and rereleasing some of my old shows for the next few months or until I get tired of hearing myself again.  The first oldie but goodie comes at a perfect time.  The year is 2007 and I decided to tackle the gay marriage conversation on my 8th show.  MY 8TH SHOW EVER, lol.  I went straight for the jugular clearly and despite the freedom of shows today, back then no one was really talking about these topics while playing “B Side” songs and songs from newer artists.  The topic of gay marriage was quite controversial then, even our beloved President Obama at the time did not fully support it so my views were probably considered a little on the radical side since most people were not willing to say out loud on a public platform that they supported gay marriages.  Other than the somewhat dated material, the show still sounds amazing technically, playlist is still fresh and I think I did a damn good job for it being my 8th completed show.  Listen below and you be the judge!  

Just in time for Pride month I present: The B Side Show #8 “Gay Marriages” Air Date: Winter 2007.


Angie Martinez: New book and interview

Here’s a not so shocking secret, I miss working in radio.  No, I don’t miss working on the Martha Stewart Living Radio channel.  No, I don’t miss wondering when the channel’s contract will end and if I will still have a job after I finish engineering my show.  NO I DON’T MISS WORKING WITH MARTHA STEWART!  However, I do miss the atmosphere, the energy, the everyday live on air radio aspect that I fell in love with when I first stepped through the Sirius XM Satellite Radio doors almost (dare I say it) 10 years ago.  My podcast was great, but even that could not compete with doing live radio everyday.  I’ve always admired and respected Angie Martinez.  She is The Voice of NY.  I grew up listening to her and I respect all of her moves over the past few years.  I even called her leaving Hot to go to either Sirius XM or Power!  She’s dropping her memoir in May entitled “My Voice” and she sat down with the Rap Radar crew to discuss the book and more.  Check it out below.

Kick start 2016 with Maggie Mistal’s Mastermind Program!

If there’s one thing that you should know about me by now, it’s that I do not endorse services or share product information that I don’t believe in.  I just don’t.  Maggie Mistal is someone that I believe in for a few reasons:

  1.  I know her (as in I know her in real life and not just on social media).  We both worked on the Martha Stewart Living Radio channel on Sirius XM a few years ago before the channel ceased production.
  2. I’ve actually watch Maggie build her empire.  While I was working at Sirius XM as an engineer, Maggie was an on air host of her own career advice show while building her brand and career consulting business.  She’s now a wildly successful career coach living her dream.  She doesn’t just talk it, she lives it.
  3. Maggie is an extremely encouraging, positive and powerful force that can not only help you succeed in your career goals but can help you figure out what those goals might be.

I recently spoke to Maggie as I myself and embarking on a new career chapter as I take my creative services to the next level and she mentioned her “Mastermind Group Program“.  You can read all about program here 

I highly recommend this for anyone feeling like they need a change for the new year.  Whether it be a career change or other life changing goals, Maggie’s honest and inspiring advice can definitely help you on your journey.  Tell her I sent you!

The above image and video were not produced by Shavon Meyers.

The B Side Show returns?????

Apparently, today is #podcastday.  There’s a day for everything and I’m making up a new one tomorrow, stand by for that…

Anyway, in honor of this day, I’ve decided to dedicate a post to my glory days behind the mic!  For those who don’t know, once upon a time I worked in radio, you know REAL radio. Live radio, everyday, in a studio, with hosts, guests and callers.  In addition to that, I created The B Side Show which was a podcast that I produced and hosted for about 7 years (WOW).  Feel free to listen to the few episodes that I have posted online below.  MAYBE, one day I’ll make a return to the radio industry because I do miss it.  As for me resurrecting The B Side Show…nah. LOL.

When I started the show, no one knew what a podcast was.  I didn’t even call it that because it would throw people off, I would just say it was an internet radio show and that seemed to get rid of the confusion.  Now, EVERYBODY has a podcast and quite frankly, a lot of them are not that good.  Coming from a radio industry standard of putting out quality programming everyday for over 5 years, I learned a lot and modeled my show after that knowledge.  I created the show because at the time radio, in my opinion, sucked (I wouldn’t know what it’s like now because I don’t listen to it) and instead of just saying it sucked over and over I wanted to do something about it.  So I did!  I interviewed the people that I believed were true talents who should be exposed, played the music that I wanted to play, created the production that I wanted to create and did it all with no team, no crew and no assistance.  But I did it and I loved it!  The show grew to be very popular until I realized that after 7 years, my “new” idea was not so new anymore.  Everyone started creating podcasts as alternatives to the stale radio industry.  Around this time I also began branching off into video production by introducing TV episodes into the program.  I introduced a photography portion to the website and started using the site as an outlet for my other creative projects.  Before long, I had decided to pull the plug on the show and focus on my visual arts and I haven’t looked back.  I don’t think I’ll bring The B Side Show back but I still own (go ahead, click it and see where it takes you) and I am not opposed to working on a new radio production or daily live show (yall hiring?) with the right group of people dedicated to putting out quality programming.

To all those who are still in the podcasting field, happy podcasting day and keep fighting the good fight.  As for me, I threw in the towel while I was still the champ and before I got knocked out.  Enjoy this blast from the past!


Once upon a time, I worked in radio and ate grasshopper tacos (say what’s real).

It was a glorious time, until it wasn’t lol.  For the most part, I enjoyed my radio days at Sirius XM.  I made the decision to work in radio fresh out of my half a year at college, at the desk of my full time dead end job.  I listened to Michael Baisden everyday religiously back when he was on 98.7 KISS FM in NYC.  Every now and then he would do these follow your dreams themed shows.  An entire show devoted to pushing people to follow their dreams.  Whatever they were!  I loved the feeling that I got from listening to his message and had a passion to work in the broadcasting field and one day have a show in which I could do the same.  Long story short, I did it.  Enrolled in CSB, landed an internship and clawed my way to technical producer.  In that time I also developed The B Side Show and was able to host my own independent multimedia show for over 7 years.  I made my dreams come true.

(Check this video that I did for The B Side Show about my radio job.  You can also see me eat grasshopper tacos during one of our broadcasts!)

I admire the 20 something year old me. The one who made goals and accomplished whatever she set out to do, no matter what.  No fear, no hesitation.  She knew what she wanted, made a plan and got it.  There was no other way.  I’m getting to know her again.  The idea of creating independently full time has been sleeping with me at night like a new love for this entire year.  I can’t seem to shake it.  I feel like I am meant to travel the world, capture images and share the stories of others through them. Figuring out how to do that and make an income that I can comfortably live off of is the issue.  So I’ve decided to let go and let God and the 20 year old me handle this one.  They’ll figure it out, I’m sure.  She never got caught up in the fear and hesitation that the 30 plus year old me is struggling with.  Things not making logical sense NEVER stopped her from accomplishing her goals.  Literally everything she set out to do in her 20’s, she did it!  So why can’t I?  I ‘m researching, planning and getting out of my way so that she can take over and make this happen.  I’ll see you chumps on top.