THE BLACK EXPERIENCE, a visual exploration into black life.

Capturing images on film has become a lost art. Recently, I challenged myself to rediscover this art and set out to document my experience, THE BLACK EXPERIENCE on 35mm film.  I immediately remembered the care, preparation and precision given to every chosen frame when shooting film.   All things that should not but can easily become forgotten in a world of burst shooting, unlimited storage and instant gratification.

This ongoing series will vary between different types of film, settings and subjects. For series 1, I set out to simply reintroduce myself to shooting with film.  Having not touched a film camera since the 1990’s, the process of choosing a camera, choosing the film, the act of loading and unloading the film, slowing down, remembering to advance the film, SLOWING DOWN, processing the film (finding a place to have it processed for me) and finally the anticipation of seeing my images days later was refreshing and inspiring.

Subjects include family, friends, St. Patrick’s Cathedral and New York City.

Camera/Lens: Canon AE-1 Program, 50mm 1.8 lens (all images taken in manual, natural light and are not edited).

Film: Kodak 400TX black and white and 400 TMAX black and white.

Images were processed at Pro Image Photo in NYC.