A visual exploration into Black life.

Documentation is important.  It’s become more imperative than ever to create visual records of Black Americans in the form of photography especially during this tumultuous time in our nation.  In a time when images of us being savagely beaten or killed and then memorialized as hashtags, videos of us being mistreated and imagery of our very existence is mocked on a daily basis, I felt this exploration of us being US was needed.

I set out to document THE BLACK EXPERIENCE and received so much more. For this portion of THE BLACK EXPERIENCE entitled “Street” I focused on the genres of street photography, outdoor portraiture and performance capturing Black people living, laughing, dancing and expressing ourselves in the many ways that we are capable of whether it be with our style, our movement or our voices.  Some faces you may recognize, some you may not.  Hopefully, you will see a bit of yourself, your aunt, your uncle, your child or your significant other in them.  We are beautiful.  We are here.  Our stories are important and our lives, BLACK LIVES MATTER.

Our smiles matter.

Our songs matter.

Our dreams matter.

Our images matter.

Our stories matter.